Terms and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

General: At Git-R-Done.biz we take pride in keeping our customers safe while shopping with us. We do not sell, rent or loan any information you give us including your email, address, phone numbers or any other personal information you may provide. However, we do need valid information from you to process your orders and let you know the update of that order. Our payment gateways require adequate emails, address etc. in order to securely process your payment information. We would never give out any of this information without your prior consent. The only time that your consent to give this information out is if you are requesting us to provide a referral for other services and wish to be contacted by that service.

Use of Information: We need to have your information such as address, email, phone number, for our private use to process your order and to be able to contact you in regards to any service you have ordered through us.

Credit Card Security & Safe Shopping: Git-R-Done.biz uses PayPal as a safe and secure way for you to make your purchase. We do NOT keep your credit card information on file and you do NOT need a PayPal account!